“I know all the ins and outs of corporate finance that lenders will never tell you, and will put this knowledge to work to fulfill your next business project.”

– Guy Jarvis, Founder & CEO, Cre8ive Capital Corp

When your company seeks working capital to support rapid internal growth or an acquisition initiative, your incumbent lender might make you feel like you’re trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

In other words, they may feel that your proposal, as currently structured, doesn’t comfortably fit within their internal credit criteria and overall risk mitigation policies. Oftentimes, this is a result of targeting the wrong lender, incomplete information at the initial meeting, or simply having unrealistic expectations.


Cre8ive Capital specializes in fully managing the complex task of representing your business with institutional lenders from start to finish, securing the funds you need to grow your business your way.

Throughout my career, I’ve held leadership positions in business development and corporate finance with both private and public companies, including major banks. This has given me valuable insight as to what lenders expect when businesses approach them to help finance their growth aspirations.

As the Founder & CEO of Cre8ive Capital Corp, I put this knowledge and experience to work for you, giving you the best shot of finding that one capital source that IS the perfect fit. I’ve worked with most of the major banks in Canada and the US for years and they know when I call, it’s for a pitch that I have fully vetted personally, and therefore definitely worth their time and attention.

Make Cre8ive Capital part of your team and you will not only get an audience with qualified lenders who are excited about the opportunity, you will also get exceptional customer service from a passionate, competitive partner interested in helping you maintain long-term business success.

Ready to put your business plans in motion? Let’s work together to grow your business.