If a commercial lender or lenders have declined your financing request for your next growth project or acquisition initiative, Cre8ive Capital can help. I’ve been on both sides of the negotiating table for over 30 years, and specialize in pairing qualified clients with qualified lenders.

Save time, energy, and resources for your next project by allowing Cre8ive Capital to advocate for your financial needs, and keep you moving forward toward your business goals.

I Know What Lenders Want

Chances are, when you approach a lender to support your next business objective, you may not understand the institutional credit mentality or what lenders are really looking for when considering your pitch. Navigating the challenging and sometimes confusing credit adjudication process without the support of a seasoned professional can be frustrating, time-consuming, and costly.

Having experience on the lender/institutional investor’s side for many years, I know exactly what lenders are looking for when corporations approach them for financing. When I contact them on your behalf, I’ll have the transaction structured properly and all the information and paperwork readily available, making the process easier for all stakeholders.

Best of all, the more creative and innovative lenders in the market today know me well. When I request a meeting they usually respond quickly and with interest. That’s the kind of leverage that gets you results.

A Focused, Efficient Approach

Seeking institutional capital for your company can be a long process that, if not executed correctly the first time, results in frustration for everyone involved.

I take care of all the details for you, including research, communications management, and documentation control, so you can concentrate on running your business until it’s time to meet with qualified lenders.

This includes my full

4-step process:

Thorough upfront due diligence on your company

Preliminary and supplementary discussions with targeted sources of capital

Preparation of an Executive Summary and a comprehensive data room

Guidance when reviewing/comparing Letters of Intent from prospective lenders

I’m in your corner every step of the way – from our first introductory conversation through to closing and beyond – to get you what you need to grow your business.

A Strategic Partner in Your Growth Plan

This means having a strong professional with a clear, well-defined vision and in-depth knowledge and understanding of your company always readily accessible with steady, reliable guidance through the maze of sourcing capital.

My holistic, collaborative approach to helping grow your business goes beyond closing the deal. As a partner with your executive team, I can help ensure continued strategic expansion by supporting your long-term business objectives.

Developing long-term relationships with my clients is paramount to enabling you to move forward with your future business plans, knowing you have a trusted advisor in your corner.

Exceptional Client Service

From the moment you engage me on an exclusive basis, I strive to provide an unparalleled client experience that focuses completely on your business objectives. Although much of today’s communications is over e-mail, I am open to meeting face-to-face when convenient for both so we can have deeper discussions about your goals and explore your options.

Throughout the process, I’m always available to answer questions, address your concerns, and keep you in the loop to ensure you completely understand my strategy as I craft a customized pitch designed to help you meet your objectives.

With my energy, knowledge, determination, and competitive spirit on your side, you’ll definitely have an edge when facing lenders. Put me to work for you.

Ready to put your business plans in motion? Let’s work together to grow your business.